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About us

Mr Fruity have been operating our wholesale, perishable food supply business for over 30 years, delivering quality, fresh produce to the East Anglian Catering Industry without interruption.

Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we have continued to expand our delivery catchment areas and produce range in response to increasing demand.

We pride ourselves on our high level of Customer Service: there is no room for compromise with our discerning customer base, or for a delivery going pear-shaped!

Clients are always right, and with both chefs and proprietors we understand they know EXACTLY what they want for their customers and menus.

Sourcing locally grown produce wherever possible – we keep CO2 emissions to a minimum – and support the regional economy.

Mr Fruity takes in deliveries daily from many well known, local growers: in some instances both fresh fruits and vegetables are still growing in the countryside 24 hours before arriving in your kitchen.

With suppliers delivering daily, we’re able to control the quality and freshness of all the ingredients you order.

In addition, with a ‘6 day delivery service’ it enables Mr Fruity’s clients to order little and often to maximise freshness.

Our working relationship with local growers and suppliers has been nurtured over many successful  years trading and supplying the East Anglian catering industry: we’ve helped support and strengthen the local and regional economy with regular orders and uninterrupted payments to suppliers.

Good cash flow into a regional economy strengthens the local community and supports smaller – independent – growers.

It avoids adding to the CO2 emissions multi-national supermarket trucks belch into the atmosphere and provides an outlet for the smaller growers’ excellent tasting produce.

They don’t treat vast fields of vegetables with chemicals and insecticide sprays.

We know our growers can offer added – value insofar as their fruit and vegetable products are better tasting and uncontaminated.

Locally grown produce is becoming more and more fashionable with chefs, pub owners, restaurateurs and outside caterers all wanting these supplies.

We couldn’t agree more with their decision: locally grown fresh produce is distinctly more tasty, satisfying and full of healthy vitamins.