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Norfolk Micro Herbs & Leaves

Norfolk Micro Herbs & Leaves



At Mr Fruity we are always looking for different ideas and new products. Products that re-invent the way people think about food. That’s why we are are now supplying locally grown Micro Herbs & Leaves. These exciting new products are the next big thing for food dishes, both in look and flavour.

There are many types of micro herbs and leaves and we are able to obtain a wide variety to suit your needs.

  • Red Amaranth
  • Coriander
  • Red Basil
  • Red Vein Sorrel
  • Greek Cress
  • Rhubarb Chard
  • Baby Mizuna
  • Red Giant Mustard
  • Pink Stem Radish
  • Green Frills Mustard
  • Red Pac Choi
  • Sweet Basil
  • Pea Shoots
  • Baby Watercress
  • Bulls Blood
  • Yellow Pac Choi
  • Yellow Stem Chard
  • Ruby Frills Mustard
  • Celery

With many more varieties available soon, the possibilities are endless. The intense flavour of the Micro Herbs and Leaves combined with the small scale of the product gives the “Wow Factor” back to your salads and food dishes.

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