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What we supply


We have a range of bread products which can be added to any order, daily. All are sourced locally and delivered FRESH. Mainlines include Kingsmill, and Bakery Style loaves, along with French Sticks, Rolls, Baps and Baguettes.

We even supply SPECIALITY bakery items like Focaccia, Ciabatta and Mediterranean Style Breads.

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Par fried 14mm and 10mm French Fries. Fresh 12mm and Steak Chips.

Bulk supplies and standard order bag sizes.

Mixed orders accepted.

Ask our staff for details.

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Dairy Products

We stock and supply a wide variety of Dairy Products which can be added to your regular orders, daily.

Eggs: Standard or free range. Supplied in trays or boxes in various quantities.

Cheeses: Enjoy the choice of Cheddar, Brie, Stilton, Feta and Parmesan. 5kg blocks of Mild and Mature Cheddar plus 2kg bags of grated Cheddar. Other cheeses supplied to order. Please ask our Ordering Staff when placing any orders for Dairy Products about the extensive range of cheeses we supply, which can also be cut in blocks or part-block quantities.

Cream: Double, Single or Whipping Cream supplied in various sizes including ½ gallon cartons.

Milk: Full fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed supplied in single pints to pergal.

Yogurt: Thick, Creamy or Low Fat supplied in trays of 20 with three different flavours.
Strawberry, Raspberry and Natural flavours.

Mayonnaise: Our speciality luxury Thick Mayonnaise is always a winner in any eaterie. Supplied in economical 5 litre tubs.

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Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs from Mr Fruity’s Herb Garden.

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Fruit and Vegetables

At Mr Fruity, we stock and supply a wide range of Fruit & Vegetables to the Catering Trade. Of course this is the main part of our business and it's the core element. Wherever possible we source locally grown produce and have many local suppliers within the Norfolk Area who deliver to us on a daily basis. We hold a vast range of products in stock, with seasonal produce being bought locally and from international markets abroad. Seasonal products change all the time, and we always try to offer as much seasonal produce as possible.

Our focus on local produce, means we have very close relationships with our farmers & suppliers. This helps build a consistency of both product and price. A lot of the local produce we send out on morning deliveries was actually growing on the field the morning before. We place early daily orders with our suppliers to obtain late daily deliveries.

Many items held in stock are standard items, as are many of the more exotic lines which we always hold in our warehouse. We also obtain the more rare sought-after products that some chefs like to have on their menu.

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Vegetable Cooking Oil (100%) supplied in 20 litre drums.

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Prepared Products

Mr Fruity excels in meeting customers' exact requirements for Prepared Fresh Produce.

We realise time is money to a chef, cook, restaurateur or a pub/restaurant owner.

Staff cannot afford to be standing in the kitchen for hours on end preparing potatoes, vegetables and fruit for desserts.

Today the emphasis has to fall on 'Fast Food', but we are not referring to the infamous 'Burger and Chips'.

Mr Fruity has – through extensive research and feedback from our customers – identified the need for supplying ready, prepared produce quickly to the catering industry.

We have designed and built onsite our very own Preparation Produce Rooms. Over £300,000 has been invested in one Room alone, which is fully geared up for meeting mass production and volume orders from our customers.

Our fully trained food preparation and processing staff can respond to both large and smaller kitchen orders with a wide range of fresh products, hand-picked and packaged to order.

We listen attentively to our customers’ preferences and prerequisites. After all, this is the only way we can improve our level of service and meet – wherever possible – individual customer’s own produce mixes and prepared food orders.

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Ready to Serve Salads

Over 50 recipes all made to order in 2 litre tubs from only £3.90 each.

Simply request our complete list for a fast food, fast serve salad range.

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Sandwich and Potato Fillings

We have a host of tasty sandwich and jacket potato fillings which are also ideal for paninis and wraps.

Ideally served HOT or COLD, they not only brighten up your menu and snack food choice, but will rapidly reduce your staff’s prep-up time.

There are 26 delicious flavours in the range, including Chicken Tikka, BBQ Chicken, Cheese and Spring Onion, Seafood Special, and Tuna and Sweetcorn.

Prices start from only £3.19 for a 1kg tub.

Supplied in quantities of 6x 1kg tubs.

Mixed tubs can be supplied in quantities of 6.

Ask our staff for a full list of Sandwich and Potato Fillings.

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Malt or Spiced supplied in 4 litre containers.

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